Our Service

Providing outstanding medical care

Standards of care – setting treatment targets
  • Adequacy of dialysis
  • Malnutrition - Inflammation
  • Anaemia management
  • Bone mineral metabolism
  • Blood pressure - Volume overload
  • Lipids
  • Glycaemic control in diabetes
  • Vascular Access monitoring

Collection of medical information

Comprehensive data collection and analysis
  • Dialyzer usage reports
  • • Influenza vaccination rate
  • Medical outcomes
  • Hospitalization and mortality rates
  • Patient flow
  • Prevalence of blood-borne viruses
  • Incident reports
  • Patient satisfaction scores
  • Clinical practice audits
  • Quality Review Meeting reports

Monitoring and analyzing

Why data gathering is important
  • Ensures awareness of patients’ treatment quality and safety
  • Compliance with national regulations and recommendations
  • Monitoring of medical information and benchmarking improves quality per se
  • Important to demonstrate excellence in care to different stakeholder, e.g. patients and family members, referring nephrologists, healthcare authorities and payers

Patient focused

Our individualised care approach focuses on both body & soul
... For Body
  • Clinical renal care services of the highest standard
  • Continuous drive to improve performance
  • The patient will feel physically revitalised when leaving the clinic
  • Additional services such as nutritionists
... and soul
  • With the patient in focus and individual needs are cared for
  • Good communication is a crucial factor
  • A warm, friendly and homely atmosphere
  • The patient will be in a better mental mood when leaving the clinic
  • Additional services such as psychologists and social workers

What we bring

  • Operational excellence & efficiency - Improved operational efficiency through strict management protocols and efficiency programs.
  • Highest Medical Quality - Excellent medical results through a comprehensive, standardised quality management system, delivered via high-quality policies and procedures.
  • Superior quality assurance via internal/external audits and Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Highly competent and motivated staffeducated by our proprietary Nurse Education Program (NEP) and continuous professional education
  • A Trusted Partner - In-depth experience of successfully operating long-term contracts directly on behalf of the Ministry of Health in the Northern Emirates

Future service line expansion

  • Our aim is to diversify the service lines that we can offer in future
  • Holistic Care Centers will help us to create a network of dialysis related illness facilities.
  • Pre-dialysis clinics will help us to prepare the patients in the best possible way for their treatments
  • Hypertension and Diabetes clinics will support the comorbidities associated with end stage kidney disease.